Fort Burgoyne Notes

Please read and follow the instructions below


The only access into the Fort is via the main gate into the former Connaught Barracks site. This is located approx. 100 yards along Dover Road past the coach park for Dover Castle. You will be met at the gate and your name(s) checked against booking list.

Please try to arrive no later than 10 minutes before your walk is due to commence in order that we can gather everyone together and start on time.

Dogs are not permitted on walks.

Clothing and refreshment

Stout footwear is mandatory owing to the range of slip and trip hazards on site - Walking boots or shoes are preferred. NO open toe shoes, sandals or flip flops. The Trust reserves the right to ask people not to attend all/part of the walk if footwear is deemed unsuitable. Please bring clothing suited to the weather. In heavy rain, the Trust may decide to shorten the walk route and only do indoor element. Please also bring any refreshment with you which you might need during the walk.


There are portaloos on site which will be available for use. Car parking is on the parade ground of the Fort unless otherwise instructed on the day.

General safety

The walk will have a leader and backstop. The leader will travel at a pace to keep the group together. If you feel unwell or need a rest at any point during the walk please let the leader or backstop know.

Please follow the instructions given by the leader/backstop at all times and keep to the walk route - danger is never far away if you stray! The walk outside follows surfaced, grass and mulch paths. Please keep to short mown grass paths where these are present and be aware of drops into doorways which do not have a protected edge. Be aware of trip hazards including tree stumps, shallow hollows, drains and potential for falling masonry. Take care on brick steps - the edges of these have been worn away by 150 years of military use.

DO NOT climb on walls, enter structures or climb banks unless invited to do so. Even the most innocent looking ridges have been found to contain barbed wire and slit trenches and if the military activity doesn't get you, the ant hills and other wildlife have the potential to instead.

Although the site has been swept for military ordnance there are still items being found. You should not therefore pick anything up, no matter how innocent it may look (white substance in sealed milk bottle could be phosphorous) but instead bring it to the attention of the group leader or back stop. This is so that we can verify what the item is, that it is safe and record where it was found for the archaeological record.

In order to reach the top of the Fort a short steep climb up a grass covered ramp of approximately 50m in length is required. If you do not feel able to undertake this, don't - the walk loops back round and can pick you up and there will be someone around to talk to while you wait. Within the Fort structure the walk follows steps and ramps to reach the depths! If you are not keen on enclosed spaces or spiders feel free to return to the parade ground before the walk goes down. The Trust will have a first aider on site.

At the end of the walk

We do not presently charge for guided walks as we see them as an important part of building interest in the site and its potential future use. Donations towards the project are however gratefully received. Should you wish to make a donation please put this in the tin which will be available at the conclusion of your visit. As part of developing ideas about future use of the Fort we are keen to get feedback from visitors. Please take a few minutes at the end of your visit to complete a questionnaire. Owing to security on the former Barracks site, all attendees will need to be let out of the gate together. If you need to leave early, please notify the walk leader or backstop Thank you for taking the time to read this information and we look forward to welcoming you to the Fort.

Chris, Paul & the Fort Burgoyne volunteers