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Russell Gardens Loop

This newly opened route is an ideal length for a family walk in which the youngsters can stomp up the hill and through the woods of Scotland Common.

The scenic 2.5 mile Kearsney Loop takes in Kearsney Abbey, Russell Gardens, Busy Ruff and Scotland Common. Previously, walkers who wished to set off from the Abbey, and do a circular walk via Scotland Common on public rights of way, were faced with a dangerous walk, especially with children, of about a half mile along a very busy road back to the Abbey car park. Now you can walk back to Russell Gardens by way of a permissive path through MOD land, instead of walking along the road.

The walk was opened in July by Dover Town Mayor, Gordon Cowan, in time for the Festival. The White Cliffs Ramblers, liaising with DDC and MOD, have fitted steps and a gate along the route, thus creating a safe and enjoyable, family-friendly walking route.